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DataMiningGraphics provides alternative methods on the analysis of the expected returns and risks of owning mutual funds. The analysis provided is meant to complement, rather than replace, the information you can get with any of the larger services such as Morningstar , Google, Lipper, Yahoo! or Value Line Publishing.
Historical trends of 1 year-
1 year averaged returns

1 year averaged returns
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trailing returns
averaged current returns
averaged returns
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trailing returns
averaged current returns
averaged returns
Screening methodWeighted selection criteria that allows the retention of hits that would otherwise be discarded due to being outside the limits of one or more screening criteriaTypical screening by setting min/max limits on selection criteria Free product samples are available for downloading
VisualizationColored gradient from red to blue to indicate where the fund scores for that criteriaMonochrome stars, numbers, etc
RatingHighest and lowest scores depend on the data. Occasionally no funds will receive the highest rating since the top funds are not all that different from those that follow.Arbitrary cut-off for the highest and lowest rated funds. Typically set at the top and bottom 10%
RiskMany measures including Monte Carlo survivability simulations, maximum/median loss, median years for a 5% gainSeveral measures, such as beta, standard deviation, largest quarterly loss
ReturnMany measures including averaged trailing returns, discounted returns, enhanced returnsSeveral measures, such as 1-,3-,5- year trailing returns and Bull /Bear markets, alpha
SoftwareAll software updates and any future enhancements for a product line are free!

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DataMiningGraphics provides data and analysis on a "as is" basis. Analysis of historical data does not imply that future results will be similar, as market conditions can and will change in unanticipated ways. None of the analysis or statements made by DataMiningGraphics should be construed as financial advice for the sale or purchase of mutual funds; therefore, any investment decisions that are made or investment strategies that are utilized by any user of the products offered by DataMiningGraphics are done so at the sole discretion and risk of the user.